Custom AEA Zeus M50 arrow gun kit 457/50/510CAL (Parts only/no gun)

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This New AEA Zeus with M50cal arrow gun kit (Parts only/no gun) It has three different calibers 457.50 and 510Cal.

For anyone into archery, the numbers are stunning, up to 593 fps with arrow. No one else is making anything that comes close to this

So, if you own a Zeus here is the kit that will let you shoot the .457 .495 and .510 arrows and the .457 .495 and .510Cal slugs through it:

  • One New AEA M50 457.495.510 barrel(You choose)
  • Zeus to M50 barrel adapter.
  • New Zeus barrel nut.
  • Screw-on, bolt adapter to further seal the barrel assembly.
  • M50 18x1mm Muzzle Brake
  • 3 new AEA arrows.

This works on both Zeus GEN1 & GEN2 - .58 & .72 caliber