Omega 75 cu/ft (V 6.8L) 4500psi Tank w/ HP3 Valve, Hose and QC's

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Provides portable high pressure air for refilling your precharged airgun while at home or in the field. The high pressure system provides ample fills on any size airgun cylinder, and reduces the frequency of having to travel to dive shops for a refill. This unit comes complete with the cylinder, valve and hose, making it ready to use with any standard 1/8" BSP adaptor which comes standard with most airguns. New to this cylinder is the 4500psi certified, HP3 valve. This valve allows precise control of the fill rate, provides a quick reference pressure gauge for tank pressure as well as a large 2 inch, oil-filled, easy-to-read fill gauge that reads in both PSI and BAR measurements. The Quick Connect style valve comes complete with a 1 Meter long Zero-Kink hose that can be tied in a knot without kinking, and includes an QC adapter to fit the valve.

  • 75 cubic foot capacity
  • 4500 psi fill pressure
  • Stainless Oil-Filled Gauge
  • Full 15-Year life*
  • DOT Certified
  • Tank Pressure Reference Gauge
  • Standard Quicjk Connect Compatibility
  • 1-Meter Zero-Kink Hose
  • Quick bleed valve