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The new Western Airgun Sidewinder select fire semi or full auto air rifle will storm the airgun scene in early 2023! The Western Sidewinder's unique air delivery system combines a blend of high power and accuracy with a fast rate of fire in semi-automatic or full-automatic with the flip of a switch at the back of the breech block.  The all-new Western Sidewinder rifle's velocity control wheel can regulate pellet or slug speeds from quiet back yard target shooting to power levels capable of a system that holds 15 shots in .25 Caliber, and 12 shots in the .30 caliber. This provides the shooter with the convenience of quick changes in the field or on the firing line. The Sidewinder's picatinny scope rail is mounted on top of a full-length tactical barrel cover that accepts side rails for accessories like laser, red dots or lights. A bottom rail for bipod mounting is rigidly mounted beneath the 580cc bottle.  Accuracy with both slug and pellet ammo is provided by a regulated action and a USA made TJ Hammer forged barrel.  The AR compatible grip allows for shooter customization for a comfortable fit. Just like the snake, the Western Sidewinder air rifle is fast, light and hits hard.